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kathryn miller

780 East Cordova

Vacouver, BC  V6A 1M3


780 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A


Elegant contemporary furniture for a modern world, welcome to the new century.


harvest date 2016-01-25

kathryn miller




Coincidence?  I often wonder about levels of conversation.  Take for example the movie Shrek, it's funny for kids but funny for adults at the same time.  Can design hold multiple meanings in a way that the spoken language can?  How many levels?  Which ones am I not seeing?   

I think this valve cap clearly shows that design is a language and that we all have something to say.  I have walked over this little piece of metal every day for the past two years and never really saw it.  So a shout out to that valve cap designer at their desk somewhere in the world, today I got it (finally)!  Nice work.

harvest date 2015-10-25

kathryn miller

The Idea

Walking in the river valley the other day I found a bush that was absolutely covered with these unusual looking pods or capsules.  It struck me that they were shaped like an idea.  Twisting white pathways of information coming from the ether and coalescing into a central bright red pod.  In examining the filaments more closely I noticed that each one had hundreds of fuzzy branches reaching down from the sky joining into the more prominent white strands. 

Our ideas come from somewhere, perhaps they come from ‘manywhere’.  Just a bit from here and a bit from there, hundreds or maybe thousands of influences coming in from every direction into the brooding pot of the bright red pod.   Minutes, days, months or even years of mingling and bumping about, all of those influences eventually coalesce into the big idea

I see that bush as our community, a tangled mass of sights, people, sounds, colours, shapes, smells, feelings, and so on, things that we experience every day. That bush, our community, does not stand alone in the river valley, it is so matted up with neighbouring bushes that it would be impossible to separate them.  Bush beside bush beside bush all intermingling into one giant “Ball of Confusion(That’s What the World is Today)”, best said by The Temptations May 7, 1970.