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780 East Cordova

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780 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A


Elegant contemporary furniture for a modern world, welcome to the new century.


harvest date 2015-10-12

kathryn miller


Happy Thanksgiving Canada!  There is one tool in my toolbox that was absent from the toolbox of my father and for it I am extremely grateful.  This tool has flipped the world on its axis and spun it faster than Magic Johnson could spin a basketball on his enormous finger.  Yes, I am talking about the internet and the mighty search engine Google.  The internet has in many ways levelled the playing field of learning.  Almost everyone in North America now has access to the internet, which means that they have access to infinite knowledge.  No longer does one have to be descended from a long line of plumbers in order to learn how to install a toilet and no longer does one have to be a man to become a master crafts’man’.   In my mind I think I can build anything… I just may not know how yet.  The internet is a cornucopia of resources that helps me transform my design ideas into stunning physical realities.

Access to materials has been another huge advantage that the internet has provided in recent years.  In my father’s time if you needed anything you went to the local hardware store or lumberyard.  You would have been able to buy all of the screws and nails you needed, but what if you needed something out of the ordinary that wasn’t available on store shelves?  I think that back then you made do with the supplies that were on hand.  Today we have the opportunity to find exactly the parts we need for specialty projects without leaving our home.  It is nothing less than amazing.

Finally the internet has provided a means of connection between people that otherwise would never connect.  Because you are reading this blog you and I are connecting – in life we may never meet but I am truly thankful that we have this chance to come together and explore this forest of thoughts.