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kathryn miller

780 East Cordova

Vacouver, BC  V6A 1M3


780 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A


Elegant contemporary furniture for a modern world, welcome to the new century.



I’m not going to fluff this up, here’s the jam… my why. I am a person who is very affected by my surroundings, if I am living in a chaotic environment I feel crazy. If I am living in an environment that is dull I feel flat and depressed. Since I can remember I have been ‘improving’ my living spaces to make me feel at peace and at the same time charged up. A custom piece of studio furniture bears the sweat, blood and sometimes tears of the maker. Every piece of hand crafted furniture has a story and brings vibrancy to a space. That is why I make furniture, because I have a story to tell and it is pain, joy, sorrow and happiness. If you love my work I have connected with you and that feeds my soul.