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kathryn miller

780 East Cordova

Vacouver, BC  V6A 1M3


780 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A


Elegant contemporary furniture for a modern world, welcome to the new century.



Spotlight Vancouver.
Canada’s rugged west coast collides with a shiny metropolis of glass, concrete and steel.
Sequestered away in a small dark corner of an eastside warehouse is a fiery ball of will.
She huddles over her bench working feverishly to fuse the two conflicting environments into one cohesive design aesthetic.
Night and day she toils away distilling the elements down to their pure characteristics; skimming off the noise of the modern world and infusing the clarity of the wild.  
Finally a moment of synthesis, savage wilderness is successfully spliced into a pure modern form!
Meet miller - part mad scientist, part design revolutionary.