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kathryn miller

Cumberland, BC

 V0R 1S0


2641 Penrith Avenue


Elegant contemporary furniture for a modern world, welcome to the new century.

concrete pillar off detail.jpg

concrete pillar

concrete pillar

The concrete pillar was an idea conceived to bring together two acutely different materials,

one very hard and cold, the other soft and warm.

concrete pillar off square.jpg

when off

The concrete pillar stands as a constant reminder that differences are good and can co-exist in a harmonious piece.  That which is cold and hard can compliment and enhance that which is soft and warm.

concrete lamp wool detail.jpg

the weave

the wool used to weave the shade of this lamp is extremely wide in diameter, creating a highly textural weave pattern which forms the cylindrical shade.  The concrete top of the lamp appears to defy gravity given the unlikely support of a column of wool.

concrete pillar on square.jpg

when on

A warm glow emanates from the concrete pillar when it is turned on.  Modern design can be cold and austere, but with the flip of a switch the concrete pillar transforms any room into the realm of the snug and cozy.


10" diameter

60" high